Av. Cesar Vianotti casi Foz de Yguazú

Station Information

  • Station: Comisaría 5ta. Hernandarias
  • Status: Habilitado
  • Station Type: AMB-8059/03
  • Probe Type: EP-1B-03
  • Height Above Ground (m): 6
  • Address: Alto Paraná, Hernandarias, Av. Cesar Vianotti casi Foz de Yguazú

Electric Field Intensity on

Last Update: 2024-07-01 00:00:00
Frequency Range Reference Threshold/Limit (V/m) Field Strength RMS (V/m) Compared to Limit Reference Threshold/Limit (W/m2) Power Density (W/m2) Compared to Limit
100 kHz - 7 GHz
FM, TETRA, VHF, UHF, DVB-T, GSM-1800, UMTS-2100, WiFi
27.5 0.72 2.62% 2.01 0.001375 0.068408%

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